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Vietnam Bhraman

Vietnam was a delightful country with the right mix of geographical marvels and historical revelations, wonderfully tasting local cuisine and a country vibrating with its uniqueness and warm people where you can travel without burning a big hole in the pocket.

अटल संकल्प, दशरथ मांझी

दरअसल इस पहाड़ को काट कर बनाये गए रास्ते के बारे मै आज तक हमने सुना था , आज देखने का अवसर मिला |पहाड़ को काट कर इस रास्ते को बनाने वाले मसीहा का नाम दशरथ मांझी था |

The Leh Land

We peeked outside and the barren Zanskar ranges caught us unaware and awestruck! The river was flowing between mountains, like a few thousand years of the year of civilization, we knew we were going to be transported in a different world in the week to come.