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  1. स्वेता,
    खोज कविता बहुतही प्यारी सी पंक्तीया है|
    आत्म संशोधन करने प्रवृत्त करनेवाला विचार
    कृष्ण भी तुम राधा भी तुम बहुतही खुबसुरत है|
    आनंद दायक कविता.

    • Sweta says:

      Thank you very much Vijay ji ….
      Itne appreciation ke liye,
      uske gehraee ko samjhne ke liye,
      aapka bahut bahut dhanyavad 🙏😇

  2. Subhash says:

    Very nice . Wonderful naration.

    • Sweta says:

      Thank you bhaiya 🙏😇

      • Philomena says:

        Absolutely, Totally agree!! In the effort to keep the world around us happy, we forget our own worth… It’s high time we start loving ourselves first… nicely written… Good job dear!!

        • Sweta says:

          Am blessed to have you as my friend Philo…. you’ve always been my best critic and I value your opinion and suggestions 🥰😍😇
          Thanks dear ❤

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is truly called self love ❤️❤️

  4. Basant Chandak says:

    Jai Shree Radhe 🙌

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