#StoryBerrys First Anniversary Celebration

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  1. Nikki says:

    It’s really good for upcoming writers to have there platform in storyberrys , really unique platform for the new generation who can write a wonderful story , we can read them have beautiful experiences

  2. Many congratulations to Storyberry’s team on reaching their first birth day, an important milestone in their journey. I have not been an author, but I have been a frequent visitor to Storyberry’s, to read the contributions by fiends and others, and to upload my comments if any. The success of the site is undoubtedly attributable to the work of entire management and editorial team. Specific mention should be made of the proactive interaction of Rakhi Kumar with the potential contributors.

  3. Many Happy Returns of the Day,
    A truly inspiring platform for novice writers.
    Hats off to Rakhi Kumar and the team!
    May the number of readers, writers and well wishers grow in leaps and bounds.

  4. Mita Choudhury says:

    Congratulations!! It is a remarkable achievement in a year’s time. A lovely platform. Look forward to a whole lot in the years ahead….My best wishes….

  5. दिनेश says:

    It doesn’t look like just the first year! Story berry has variety berries of stories, poem, talks, etc. It’s like a family interaction touching all aspects of the lives. Be it Rakhi, Vijay ji or Swamiji who bring a different dimensions of living; or that of Sagar, Namrata and Ashish touching varying genre. Some time they trigger a thought and inspiration to write something more. Happy to see next gen of Prarthana, Lola also joining the journey.

    I pray for growth and success of this platform…

    एक बीज भी एक पौधा है,
    अभी और बढ़ना है।
    एक वर्ष?
    तो अभी बस शुरुआत है।
    अभी और मिलों
    चलना है,
    अभी और संवरना है।

  6. Anindita Sinha says:

    Happy first anniversary! Congratulations on coming this far and best wishes for the years to the come. Hope this endeavour of yours reaches great heights!

  7. Soma says:

    What a journey it has been! For me Storyberrys gave a new identity, brought forth a whole new me! All credits to the admin, it is a pleasure to get to know her. Infact knowing her is one of the precious things I got out of Storyberrys 💕💕

  8. sagar gupta says:

    #storyberrys को अपने वर्षगाँठ की बहुत-बहुत शुभकामनाएं।

    #storyberrys आपके अंदर के प्रतिभा को बाहर निकालने के लिए एक बहुत ही अच्छा मंच प्रदान करता है।

    आपको एक से एक, बेहतरीन से बेहतरीन कहानियाँ, कविताएं, यात्रा वृत्तांत पढ़ने को मिलती है, जिसे पढ़कर आप उनमें ही कहीं खो जाते है।

    कुछ लेखक, लेखिकाएं, कवि और कवियत्री इतने बेहतरीन लिखते है कि जिसे पढ़कर कोई भी भाव-विभोर हो सकता है। इन्हीं में से कुछ का नाम लेना मेरे लिए गर्व की बात होगी। वैसे तो मुझे सारे के सारे लेख, कहानी और कविता जो कि storyberrys में पब्लिश होती है, सारे बेहद पसंद है। लेकिन कुछ की कृतियाँ मुझे बेहद पसंद है, जैसे राखी मेम, दिनेश सर, नम्रता मेम, विजय सर, स्वेता मेम, प्राथना मेम, सोमा भट्टाचार्य मेम आदि।

    #गपसप with Sweta भी मुझे बेहद पसंद है क्योंकि इससे हमें लेखकों के मनोभावनाओं और उनके बारे में बहुत कुछ जानने को मिलता है।

    बहुत बहुत बधाइयां और आभार।

    आपका सागर

  9. Subhash says:

    Heartiest congratulations to Storyberrys on the 1 st Anniversary.
    It’s very nice for the people to motivate and write their experience, where we all get the experience and different views .

  10. Heartiest congratulations to story berry team!.This is such a nice Platform wherein many of us stop writing become writers.
    Congratulations on anniversary of story berry. I hope in coming days story berry will have more crown in its feather.
    Heartiest congratulations once again.

  11. Sunil Kumar says:

    Heartiest Congratulations #Storyberrys on your first anniversary !!
    It has given a platform to budding as well as established writers to publish their articles.
    This is also a platform for readers to find poems, stories, travelogue and other articles of their interest.
    Excellent and unique initiative!
    Wishing you many more successes !!
    Thanks to #Storyberrys and entire team !!

  12. Vallinath mangalampalli says:

    Wonderful journey so far, taking so many talents along with you. A great milestone. Wish to see you reach new heights. Thanks for your encouraging many on the border, talents like me.

  13. Prarthana Singh says:

    So soo happy to be a part of this beautiful journey!! What an amazing experience, fun and knowledgeable!! Happy first anniversary StoryBerrys!✨🥺❤️

  14. Meenu yatin says:

    Happy first anniversary Storyberrys!!Thanks to Storyberrys and to Rakhi ma’am for providing us a wonderful platform to share our thoughts and words. I appreciate each and every writers at this platform. Wishing good luck to Storyberrys and looking forward to expect many more admirable works .

  15. Hansika🌟 says:

    Congratulations Storyberrys’ for this wonderful anniversary,🎉😍
    This was an amazing platform for people like me who never wrote poems or experiences,
    This helped me understand that words do explain the meaning of everything 💖
    May you reach more success!😊
    Help everyone with your lovely thoughts and write-up’s!😊👏🧡

  16. Sweta says:

    Storyberry’s has given wings to the thought of becoming an Author!
    Heartiest congratulations for a successful completion of one year 👏👏👏
    A very Big Thank you for all the support & the platform that it has given me 🙏🥰
    May it reaches the zenith of success in all it’s future plans 👍
    All the very Best!!

  17. GULSHAN JAHAN says:

    All stories are interesting and inspiring. This is great platform for all new generation to express themselves

  18. Amit Aaryan says:

    It’s a very good platform for upcoming Writers where they can share their stories journey and get connected to celebrity Writer’s and get benefited by their experiences and suggetions…. Many many congratulations to story berrys on completing one year my best wishes

  19. Sushil Gupta says:

    Happy First Anniversary, Story Berries !!! Keep continuing for another milestone. All the best.

  20. Monideepa says:

    It’s so relevant- so motivating- the content is so organized- the authors ranging across on ages ! A true differentiating endeavor! Congrats on your anniversary and we are looking forward to many more

  21. Namrata says:

    Happy Anniversary 🎉🎉🎉🎉
    All the very best!!

  22. Arati says:

    Very nice initiative and platform for all aspiring writers and poets for expressing and sharing their thoughts. Good going with new creators joining .All d best

  23. Rajesh says:

    Give your 100 percent

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