Amaya’s HOLI

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5 Responses

  1. Sai ramesh says:

    Kept it simple and straight 😉

  2. Letting a child to lead a life of her or his own is like teaching somebody how to ride a bicycle. The teacher should support the bike for the first few hours or days while the learner struggles to keep balance while riding. But sooner or later the support should cease. Amaya appealed to her father to let his hold on her bike go, so that she could enjoy riding her bicycle on her own. Her father is embarrassed that he, in his anxiety for the safety of his daughter, is continuing to hold the bike, even after she learnt how to balance herself on her bike. Finally, he decides to accompany her on his own bicycle. Now both are independent, while at the same time being together.

  3. Appaji Rao says:

    Mr Vallinath is mastering in picking up off beat themes fir his stories and continues with his inimitable style of story telling…
    Looking forward to many more from him..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Simple and nice

  5. T kishan rao says:

    Small, simple and written as if it is happening before my eyes, with a beautiful message .

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